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It is an unfortunate statistic in the United States that more than half of our marriages end in divorce.  Connecticut is no different.  The stress and emotional hardship of divorce is not only visited upon the parties, but upon children and extended families as well.  Making the decision to divorce should not be taken lightly, and there are many financial and emotional factors to be considered.

When making that decision, you should consult a legal professional who has experience practicing family law.  I have represented men, women and children from all walks of life, with a myriad of legal, financial, and emotional issues.  My law firm concentrates in the representation of both adults and children in family matters.  With respect to adults, I represent parties in divorce matters, including issues of alimony, child custody and support, property division, and division of assets and liabilities.  I also represent adults in post judgment matters, including modification of alimony, child custody, and support.

Regarding children, there are two types of attorneys appointed to represent children: the first is a Guardian Ad Litem, who is appointed to represent the best interests of the child.  The second is an Attorney for the Minor Child, who is appointed to represent the wishes and desires of the child.  In either capacity, the role of the child’s attorney often involves developing a parenting plan tailored to the individual needs of each family.  The earlier an effective parenting plan is put into place the easier the transition for the children, and the lower the level of conflict between the parents.

Selecting an attorney is similar to choosing a doctor or a dentist, or even a financial planner or an accountant.  I firmly believe that there is an attorney out there who is suited to each person’s individual needs.  Attorneys, like other professionals, all have their own individual styles of representation.  You must have a certain level of comfort and confidence in the person who is representing your interests in order to make the attorney-client relationship work.

My approach to family law is comprehensive in nature: each family is different, and has different needs.  While a divorce is essentially the separation of the family, it is also the creation of two new family units.  Where children are concerned, making this transition as smooth and comfortable as possible is very important.  There are not only legal issues to be considered when divorcing, but emotional issues as well.  In many cases, co-parenting counseling and family therapy are often helpful in assisting families with this transition.

One of my goals in every representation is to make my clients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible during the pendency of the case, while providing you with competent and experienced legal representation.  Going through a divorce, child custody proceeding, or a post judgment modification is never easy, and it will always be a life altering experience.  However, it does not have to be a life damaging experience. 

For many people, legal fees in a divorce case can be burdensome.  I pride myself on providing the best representation possible at an affordable price.  It is impossible to determine in advance the exact amount of time that will be needed to complete a family case, nor can I make any reasonable estimate as to the total fee.  The legal fee for a family law case is measured generally by the amount of time spent by the attorney.  I also take into consideration the complexities of the case, and the issues at hand, including but not limited to custody, parenting time allocation, and the income, assets, and liabilities of each of the parties.  An hourly rate will be billed to you for all work completed on your file, including but not limited to case/trial preparation, legal research, correspondence, telephone conferences, office meetings, and Court appearances. 

If you are interested in learning more about my practice, please continue to navigate this web site.  There is no charge for initial consultations.  If you wish to make an appointment, you may contact me at your earliest convenience.